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About the Podcast

About the Podcast

Thornvale was born when Keeper, Susannah Lewis, realized that she wanted to expand the world of her Dragon Knights series. She had already written three novellas in the series (which ironically haven't come out yet) when she got the idea to launch a podcast based in the same universe.


She immediately began recruiting. First she asked her husband, a regular RPG player, and of course he agreed. Next she reached out to her friend Wesley "The Voice" Bryan. They had worked together on podcasts for a while, so he was down for a new project. Finally, Susannah reached out on Facebook to find a final player, and Hannah Rummel jumped at the chance.

Recording began a few weeks later, and the rest is history.

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About the Cast


The Keeper - Susannah Lewis

Susannah Lewis has been recording podcasts since she was in college. She learned how to edit in Adobe Audition, and quickly realized how fun it was. She had two other podcasts before Thornvale, one an interview show and one a movie review show. She is a freelance photographer and writer.

She has always been a storyteller. Her parents tell her that she used to tell herself stories to go to sleep at night when she was still sleeping in a crib. She used to write short comic strips featuring characters of her own creation. However, since she was cursed with a tragic lack of the ability to draw, she moved over to novel writing in her teens. Eventually, she learned screenwriting, radio writing, and how to write campaigns for RPGs.


Agent Whiskey - Andrew Lewis

Meet Andrew Lewis. He is playing Agent Whiskey, the Professional. Andrew is the true definition of the phrase, "Lawful Good." He is the husband and best friend of the Keeper and is an engineer in his day job.


He started playing role playing games in college with Pathfinder and D&D. That means he has been playing RPGs for longer than all of the other other players and the Keeper. This is, however, his first time playing Monster of the Week.

He was the one who got Susannah into playing RPGs when he mentioned that he missed playing D&D in college. She thought, "I bet I could figure out how to DM," so she recruited some friends and her dad and started their weekly (well, somewhat weekly) Pathfinder game.


Sammie Overbrook - Hannah Gallaher

Say hello to Hannah, who is playing Sammie, the Initiate. Hannah is currently in an MFA program for Creative Writing, continuing her studies in an area that she has loved and actively been practicing since the 4th grade. She is working on settling down with her new husband and finding a job that will allow her to write novels and screenplays in her free time.


She was brand new to RPGs when the story of Thornvale began. Over time, she has learned to enjoy role playing and helping to build the story. She is excited to keep learning, playing, and finding out what new abominations Susannah will throw at their ragtag group.


Henry Marlowe - Wesley Bryan

Wesley Bryan plays Henry Marlowe, the Flake. He is a recent graduate of Liberty University and former Disney Internship alum. He has always loved performing and storytelling. Like two of the other cast members, he is a writer. He is currently trying to break into the wonderful world of voice acting and voiceover work.


When Susannah invited him to be on the show, he obviously jumped at the chance to join Thornvale as a player. He gets to work on his voice acting and help tell an interesting story at the same time. He really hopes that this podcast will grow and might become something really big in the future!⠀

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