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Monster Resource

About the Podcast

What is the Monster Resource?

For Players and Keepers:


The Monster Resource is our gift to the Monster of the Week  community. We know that coming up with monsters is a pain in the neck. Believe me, we know. So every time we finish with a monster on the show, we will post the "statbook" for the monster. This is the form that our Keeper used during each arc. You are free to use it in your own game.

Don't feel restricted to just what our Keeper wrote. Feel free to change things up. The ability to adapt and be flexible with the characters, moves, and monsters is one of the best thing about Monster of the Week. For instance, if you think your story needs a different countdown, but you like the moves and abilities of the monster, then change what you don't like and keep what you do.

For Podcasters and Streamers:

These monster playbooks are the intellectual property of the Keeper, Susannah. While they are free to use for personal games, please do not use these in your own podcast or show until you talk to her first. You can contact her at thornvalepodcast@gmail.com if you are interested in using one of these pre-made monsters in your own show.


Be careful! If you haven't finished the arc for the monster you want to play, you may spoil the show for yourself. Go catch up by listening to the show on our Episodes page. Now that you've been properly warned, enjoy the resource.

About the Podcast

The Giant Gator - Arc 1

Description: An enormous alligator-looking monster that is 20+ feet long from tip to tail. It has sharp teeth the size of a man’s forearm. The spikes on its tail and back are sharpened and dangerous. Its powerful tail is flexible and perfect for quickly smashing a hunter.

Monster Type and Motivation: Breeder (motivation: to give birth to, bring forth, or create evil). Wants to give birth to her baby.

Supernatural Powers:

  • Extra tough. No non-magical object can pierce its hide.

  • Can teleport between sources of water.


  • Pounce: 2 harm

  • Tail Swipe: 2-3 harm

  • Bite: 4 harm

Armor: Armored scales. Complete protection from non-magical attacks.

How Much Harm Will Kill It: 12


  • Much more vulnerable to magical items.

  • A weapon made out of a part of itself (like a claw, tooth, or scale) can pierce its hide.


  • Day: The monster attacks and kills a random fisherman in a state park.

  • Shadows: The monster destroys a supply building in the park for nesting material.

  • Dusk: The monster kills a park ranger.

  • Sunset: The monster kills an entire girl scout troop.

  • Nightfall: The monster finishes its nest.

  • Midnight: The monster gives birth to her baby.

About the Podcast

The Banshee - Arc 2

Description: Appears to be an ephemeral woman dressed in a white dress and floating above the ground. Unless she screams your name, and then she’s a horrible old hag dressed in black rags. Infects a person (usually a young woman) and goes after people who have wronged her or her family.

Monster Type and Motivation: Torturer (motivation: to hurt and terrify). Wants to hurt people who have committed crimes and gotten away with them.

Supernatural Powers:

  • Scream of death: If a person hears the banshee scream their name, they’re going to die 12 hours later.

  • Touch of Ice: If the banshee touches a hunter, he will immediately freeze in place for 30 seconds.

  • Invisible to non-magical creatures.


  • Can telekinetically pick up objects and throw them. 1-2 harm.

  • Scream of Pain: An incapacitating wail that strikes fear and causes 2 points of damage (ignoring armor) to the victims. Also deafens the victims for several minutes.

Armor: No armor, but incorporeal.

How Much Harm Will Kill It: 8

Weaknesses: If her silver comb is melted down, then she can be drawn out of the host, be corporeal, and be beaten.


  • Day: The host, possessed by the banshee, goes out and kills a drunk (he killed someone the host knew in a drunk driving incident, but got away with it because of his rich parents) on his way out of the bar at 3am.

  • Shadows: The next day, an older woman (who defrauded the victim somehow) comes into the police office, freaking out because she heard someone’s singing telling her she’s going to die.

  • Dusk: 12 hours later, the old woman dies when confronted with the Banshee

  • Sunset: The next day, one of the hunters (whoever has done the creature the most damage) wakes up to scratching at his window. He goes outside to investigate, only to hear the singing himself. He’s got 12 hours to live.

  • Nightfall: 12 hours later, the monster kills the hunter.

  • Midnight: The monster moves on to the mayor of the town, who committed election fraud, no longer bothering to care about victims that personally hurt the host.

About the Podcast

The Wendigo - Arc 3

Description: A description: 9 feet tall. A gaunt, almost skeletal-looking creature with jagged, broken deer-like horns on its head. Stands on two legs. Thin flesh clings to bones in ribbons. Sickly yellow lights stare out at you from otherwise empty eye sockets.

Monster Type and Motivation: Devourer (motivation: to consume people)

Supernatural Powers:

  • Super Speed.

  • Ungodly strength.

  • Supernaturally good hearing.

  • Regeneration.

  • Poisonous blood.



  • Backhand: backhands the victim, sending them flying. 2-3 points of harm.

  • Swipe: Uses one of its long, clawed hands to rake across the victim. 3 points of harm.

  • Rend: Only possible if the victim is caught. Digs in with both claws to try to tear apart the victim’s chest. 4 points of damage.

  • Lacerate: The monster goes for an artery. Roll KSA +2 (keeper). On a full success, the victim immediately starts bleeding out and is unstable. If not, it’s a swipe.

  • Fear Scream: Emits a horrible noise that anything within a 50-foot radius can hear. Does 2 points of armor-defeating magic harm automatically. Roll luck. On a fail, lose one point of cool for 24 hours.

Armor: No real armor, but regenerates quickly unless hit with silver.

How Much Harm Will Kill It: 10


  • Silver can hurt it, but if the hunters do not cut out it’s heart with silver, shatter it, and bury it in a silver box, it will regenerate, even if eviscerated. Body must also be burned or else it will come back, looking for its heart.

  • Magic can hurt it, but can’t kill it.


  •  Day: The monster comes out of hibernation and attacks and kills a fisherman. His body washes up on the beach in pieces.

  • Shadows: The monster kills a hunter in the woods outside of town.

  • Sunset: The monster kills a tourist that was camping. He was taken from his campsite and killed in the parking lot.

  • Dusk: A woman is killed in her home on the edge of the woods. Her 4-year-old son goes missing. Some of his blood is found at the scene.

  • Nightfall: That night, the monster kills the boy.

  • Midnight: The monster kills one of the Hunters' friends when he goes looking for the creature.

About the Podcast

The Dybbuk - Arc 4

Description: A wispy ghost-like figure with the twisted, smiling face of a man with hollow eye sockets. Difficult to see in bright daylight.

Monster Type and Motivation: Tempter (motivation: to tempt people into evil deeds)

Supernatural Powers:

  • Possession: The monster possesses mostly “good people” and forces them to do things they may have been tempted to do, but never would before.

  • Makes the person it possesses much stronger than they usually would be, but at their own detriment. So a person can lift a car while possessed, but they would be very hurt if the Dybbuk leaves.

Attacks: Uses what the body it is inhabiting has on hand.

  • Punch 2 harm.

  • Shotgun: 3 harm

  • Blunt object: 2-3 harm

  • Sharp object: 3 harm

  • “Let the bodies hit the floor”: If the Dybbuk is sure that it’s going to be caught, it will threaten to hurt the body it is possessing.


Armor: Incorporeal. Completely unable to be hit by anything, magic included.

How Much Harm Will Kill It: No amount of harm can kill it, but if the body it is possessing is brought down to 1 hit point or less, it will flee back to its master.

Weaknesses: The Dybbuk can only exist in our world under contract, which means it is under someone’s control. If that person chooses to send it back where it came from, it must go. It will do everything in its power to persuade that person not to make it go. If its boss is killed, it will also leave.


  • Day: A troubled 17-year-old boy sics the monster on a local priest, who didn’t have time for him when he was being abused. He begins shouting in the middle of his sermon and starts throwing Bibles and hymnals at his congregation.

  • Shadows: The boy directs the monster to have the local community center leader (who also ignored his abuse) rob a bank using a bat. The community leader will be shot during the robbery.

  • Sunset: The Dybbuk forces a reformed bully of the boy to revert to his old bullying ways and he beats a middle schooler half to death before being arrested.

  • Dusk: The community center leader dies from his injuries.

  • Nightfall: The boy makes the Dybbuk infect his abusive foster father and has him stab his wife. She does not die immediately and can be saved if she is found fast enough.

  • Midnight: The boy has his foster father jump off of a building or bridge.

About the Podcast

The Golem (minion) - Arc 4

Description: A hulking 10-foot tall, 5-foot wide dripping clay monstrosity with a four-foot-long clay club in its hands.

Minion Type and Motivation: Guardian (motivation: to bar a way or protect something)

Supernatural Powers: If it is taken down to 1 hit point or less, it will split into two half-sized, weaker versions of itself. It will do this twice, ending with four 3.5’ tall, even weaker golems. Then, it will collapse.

Attacks: -1 to all attacks every time the golem splits.

  • Grab and throw: The monster will pick up the hunter and throw him away from its charge. 3 harm.

  • Kick: 3 harm.

  • Smash: The golem brings its massive club down on a hunter. 4 harm


Armor: No armor.

How Much Harm Will Kill It: 12, 6, 3


  • Anything can hurt it.

  • Fire or ice will harden its clay, slow it down, and grant whichever hunter attacks next +1 forward on their next attack.

About the Podcast

Boozies - Arc 5

Description: A small, 5-inch creature with a big head, tiny sharp teeth, wearing clothes that look like they’re made out of black leaves. Small wings will sprout if it feels threatened. Invisible unless the viewer is drunk. Usually show up in packs of 20-30.

Monster Type and Motivation: Trickster (motivation: to create chaos)

Supernatural Powers:

  • Induces rage in all who can see it. Hunters must make a Cool roll. The effects last for 12 hours.

    • On a miss, the hunter is immediately enraged and drawn to attacking the closest person.

    • On a mixed success, the hunter is influenced by the rage and takes -1 to future cool and sharp rolls.

    • On a full success, nothing happens.


  • Scratch: 1 harm

  • Bite: 2 harm

  • Swarm: A bunch of the little buggers tackle the hunter and start biting and scratching. 3-4 harm.


Armor: None.

How Much Harm Will Kill It: No amount of harm can kill it, but if the body it is possessing is brought down to 1 hit point or less, it will flee back to its master.

Weaknesses: Very attracted to alcohol.


  • Day: There is a bar fight at a bar called the Salty Seagull.

  • Shadows: A bunch of drunk fisherman start attacking tourists with their poles and a knife.

  • Sunset: A bunch of drunk college students at a beach party get rowdy and start beating each other up. It turns into a blood bath the hunters are called into.

  • Dusk: During a holiday parade, a bunch of drunk watchers storm the barriers and knock over one of the floats, causing a backup.

  • Nightfall: A riot starts in the middle of town.

  • Midnight: Several people end up in the hospital in critical condition after being trampled.

Dragon Knights: One Shots Monsters

Want to play with one of Susannah's monsters from her Twitch show, Dragon Knights: One Shots? We decided to post those below as well! If you want to keep up with the monthly show, go subscribe to the channel on Twitch.

About the Podcast

The Rake - Episode 1 (with .Zero Star)

Description: The Rake is a six-foot-tall, pale, humanoid creature. It has long fingers with sharp claws on the tips. He has a very small, sharp-toothed mouth.

Monster Type and Motivation: Torturer (motivation: to hurt and terrify)

Supernatural Powers:

  • Psychic attack: The rake grabs the hunter and stares deep into their eyes. The player must roll sharp.

    • On a miss, the hunter is immediately overtaken by madness. Their world warps completely into terrifying and chilling images, and a cold unshakable fear grips them. -2 to all rolls. 2 harm.

    • On a mixed success, the hunter starts hallucinating, horrible images overlaying the real world. -1 to all rolls, except weird. 1 harm.

    • On a full success, nothing happens



  • Ram: The creature uses its unnatural speed to ram the hunter. 2 harm.

  • Rake: The creature drags its claws across the victim’s body. 3 harm.

  • Hulk smash: The creature grabs the hunter by the leg and slams them back and forth against the ground or any other hard object. 3-4 harm.


Armor: None.

How Much Harm Will Kill It: 10

Weaknesses: It’s not fond of light and will attack all light sources. Can be beaten by anything else.


  • Day: A man wakes up screaming, claiming something was lingering at the foot of his sleeping bag.

  • Shadows: A woman runs through the park naked, scared, and covered in deep scratches. She’ll attack anyone who tries to help her.

  • Sunset:  A man is found hanged in the middle of a campground.

  • Dusk: A man drives into the lake with his wife screaming in the car.

  • Nightfall: The camp director loses his mind and starts a forest fire to rid his campground of the threat.

  • Midnight: The campground burns to the ground.